• Google streetview added as map info tool
  • Search: Add single search agent for sites with heavy load
  • Search: Add word suggestion agent. Must me paired with appropriate word service
  • WMS layers: Let users select which layers to show in layer settings page
  • Map proxy: Add option to require client token for map layer access
  • Layer manager: Add button to zoom to layer extent in layer settings page. Zoom to extent can be used in combination with dimension filters.
  • Layer manager: Add layer show/hide toggle in layer settings page


  • Batch edit: Language improvements
  • Collaboration module improvements
  • Layer manager: Hide metadata button for categories with no description
  • Dimension filter: Add support for boolean columns
  • WFS sync: Add option to swap x/y coordinates
  • Popup windows: Resize to fit smaller screens
  • Map: Optimize layer merging for layers not in scale
  • Layer manager: Expand category when clicking row, not only arrow


  • Dataview: Fix some issues when refreshing dataviews/layers
  • Dataview: Fix count label size (text overflow)
  • Batch edit: Disallow batch editing additional geometry columns
  • My data: Fix some issues when layer manager shows active layers in separate tab
  • Digi theme: Fix time zone issues with datetime columns
  • Layer manager: Fix buttons in IE
  • Admin: Hide internal schema in theme table selector
  • Digi theme import: Fix an issue with some data formats
  • Digi theme/theme: Fix some issues with geometry types and symbology tab out of sync