New theme

This release features a completely new look. The new theme is automatically applied to all Adaptive GUIs where no theme has been specifically selected. Custom themes are not affected by this change.

If you see no changes, go to the GUI administrator, edit the relevant GUI and select the GUI skin “default2020” to explicitly enable the new theme.


Added extended filter options for digi themes that apply to both map and data view. The new filter option can be configured in administrator by setting the new “Filter visibility” option to “Show” on columns to enable filter support for.
3.38 filter visibility

The new filtering option can then be accessed via Layer manager layer options screen:
3.38 data filtering

Users can add multiple filters on the same layer.


The administrator dashboard has gotten a few improvements to better indicate content status.

3.38 dashboard improvements

No errors are still indicated by a green tile. Items with errors are still red, but now lists the number of errors as the primary number.

The theme status checks have been improved to include only actually used, active and relevant theme layers. This reduces the number of false negatives.

In addition, checks for the externally available WMS and WFS themes have been added to detect errors in the themes exposed via WMS/WFS export.

A link to your installed version’s release notes is now available in dashboard.

3.38 version link

Symbology improvements

The theme administrator Symbology tab has been improved to deal with a high number of classes. The tab interface is now gone, replaced with a dropdown listing the symbology classes by name.

3.38 symbology improvements

This makes it easier and less error prone to deal with a high number of classes.

Reordering classes can now be done via the “Edit class order” button, which displays a dedicated popup dialogue where classes can be rearranged.

Other features

  • Mapserver upgraded to version 7.4.
  • Add a link between themes and digi themes, letting users edit the underlying data of a theme.
  • Digi theme batch edit now supports project permissions.
  • Digi theme batch edit is now available for non-geom themes.
  • Digi theme: Improved default formatting of url and media columns.
  • Digi theme: Export media as zip package in data view.
  • Digi theme: Dictionary field relations; filter one dictionary field via another dictionary field.
  • Digi theme: Use GPS when digitizing new features.
  • User profiles, phone authentication, authentication webapi, SMS providers.
  • WFS sync: support for WFS driven by application schemas.


  • Backend: Sort features by geography, sphere distance.
  • Data view: Remove sort option for non supported columns.
  • Digi theme batch operations moved to selection menu.
  • Search: Clear search on delete content in input.
  • Simple time slider: Optionally show data for all months on render.
  • Theme admin: Improve min/max scale names, entry, help texts, notice.
  • Disable editing system users.
  • Delete sessions when user changes password or is deleted.
  • Mapserver: Write mapfiles to temp file, replace destination file when done.
  • Instance setup: Upgrade utilities, symbols.
  • Hide info popup when moving time slider.
  • Layer manager: Restore scroll position when navigating from metadata.
  • Layer manager: Add capability to hide nodes.
  • Setup: Support user names with domain (Azure managed psql), optional extensions.
  • GUI admin: Add option to set max width on tool panel when width set to percentage.
  • Property module: Export to Acos (external application).
  • Privacy: Make consents revokable.
  • Prevent adding unused label layers.
  • Data view: Add event to destroy data view by uuid.
  • GDAL: fix errors. Upgrade to 2.4.4.
  • qgis.ashx: Respect verify_layer_files option.
  • Collaboration: Sort cases by date modified. Add help text.
  • WMS Time: Support time given as a range in two columns (min/max).
  • Simplify and improve help text of share/print module.
  • Print: Optionally remove legend categories.
  • Legend: optionally customize title using config.
  • Add custom params to WMS GetFeatureInfo request.
  • Collaboration: Copy user data to collaboration module.
  • Digitize button: Add _onLayerManagerShowThemes listener.
  • Digi theme form: Add option to automatically hide ACL field when user only has one choice.
  • User data: better error handling.
  • Administrative areas: N5000 county and municipality.
  • Dimension: single select option.
  • Split share and print into two modules (optional).
  • Admin: Make text selectable in admin, embedded maps.
  • Admin: Bigger config window, monospace key/value, add Format JSON util.
  • WFS sync: Trigger search re-indexing after syncing.
  • My data: Add transparency slider to themes in My Data.
  • Property: Changed the format of detailed property export.
  • Data view: Layer auto refresh. Refresh data view.
  • Labels: improve rendering.
  • Layer dimension: Allow range for integer keys of dictionaries.
  • My data: preload geojson config (SA).
  • Theme admin: Edit theme config (SA).
  • Theme admin: Edit digi theme config (SA).
  • Theme admin: update layer config in admin (SA).
  • Theme admin: Add option to keep uuid in json export (SA).
  • Theme admin: Json import and export dictionaries (SA).
  • Indexer: tweak certain query parameters affecting performance.
  • Indexer: Avoid optimize being called when indexing.
  • Indexer: Optimize lucene index daily.
  • Indexer: Remove lucene optimize. Add merge policy.
  • Indexer: Lucene (text) search performance improvement.


  • Dashboard status checks: Delete temp files.
  • Dashboard: Fix json type missing on some setups.
  • Directions: Use v2 of directions api.
  • Search: Fix chrome autofill bug.
  • Matrikkel: Fix issue with remaining highlight features.
  • Test: Fix DigiTheme import tests.
  • Theme admin: Fixed bug with show hierarchy.
  • OLMap: Do not remove all WMS layers when group 0 is changed.
  • Theme admin: Fix save presets.
  • Theme admin: Fix a bug with autogenerate classes.
  • Disable info tool popup if digitizing.
  • Backend: Do not remove created_by column.
  • Collaboration: Fix incorrect db scripts.
  • Layer manager: Fix missing metadata.
  • Backend: Remove duplicate record/records in Save/SaveMultiple response.
  • mapserv.ashx: Treat label layers as parent layer when validating session.
  • Digi theme: Fix symbols shown after leaving digitize module.
  • Logs: Remove reocurring nullpointer error in logfiles.
  • Status bar: Fix an issue where logged in status was missing.
  • Theme import: Fix assumption that ms classes have ids.
  • Data view: fix issues selecting by area.
  • Data view: Fix two bugs with selection.
  • User admin: remove clone option.
  • Indexer: Fix an issue where names and addresses where not deleted before reindexing.
  • Maintenance: Remove build error and warnings.
  • WFS sync: fix hard coded geom colum name.
  • Data view: Fix an issue where clearing a dimension filter did refresh dataview.
  • My data – CSV import: Specify driver for csv files.
  • Digi theme import: Fix projection read webservice.
  • Data view: Fix a bug where records where randomly selected.
  • Export to shape: fix data types.
  • WFS sync: fix column names, fix transform.
  • Theme: Dimension time; fix a bug where query could be wrong when manually updated.
  • Geodata download: fix an issue activating layers.
  • Digi theme: Fix binding dictionary with filter.
  • Data view: Fix duplicate rows in dataview.
  • Log error in upgrade script 136.
  • Print: set print layer to a fixed group.
  • Label: Added missing label_style store.
  • Label: Fix incorrect class name.
  • My data: fix a bug importing data with empty geometries.
  • Setup: Reset modified postgres search_path after query.
  • Indexer: Skip deleted themes when reindexing all.
  • Digi theme import: Fix.
  • Digi theme admin: Reset query when cloning.
  • Media: Fix video thumbnail generation.
  • Update embedded maps config for new instances.
  • QGIS: Fix linestring support.
  • Remove duplicate back buttons from module pages.
  • Print: Set correct layout when printing geojpeg.
  • Exporter: folder cleanup.
  • Layer manager: Missing metadata in theme/category.
  • BaseLight: Use provided conn in Read.
  • Digi theme: child digi theme shows parent ID on create.