PDF download: Allow downloading entire dataset (hidden override)

Admin – Theme SQL Editor

Added functionality in administrator to ease editing of SQL queries from administrator.

In the query line a new button added with pencil icon, click on this to open window with textarea to edit query.
Query is validated by fetching columns before you can apply the edited query to the theme.


  • Property owner search: Fix incorrect binding of municipality number
  • Theme checks: Renew expired session
    • When checks takes more than 10 minutes, checks would fail due to expired session id.
  • Make ST_Transform_or_null not PARALLEL SAFE
    • Fixes a potential error when loading dataview on themes containing invalid geometries.
  • CheckSessionState: Improve update session logic, do not fail on update failure
  • Layer manager: Fix some layer visibility issues
    • Fix an issue where switching basemap or thematic maps remove vector layers in my data
    • Fix an issue where changing thematic maps remove my data layers from “active category”
    • Fix an issue where dragging a vector layer in my data into another category removes the layers from “active category” after switching thematic map