See release 3.39 for major release changes.


  • CMS admin: Split admin into per site panels, add editor roles per site to allow users access to edit only specific site(s)
  • Media admin (CMS/digi theme): Improve media management and preview for public images/files


  • Added delete user API endpoint
  • PDF export: Handle more field types explicitly, respect language for more cases
  • PDF export: Fix order of fields in some cases
  • Dimension filter: Show boolean options as Yes/No instead of true/false
  • Performance: Split map file generation and export into separate queues to avoid heavy map file writes or other slow tasks delaying export deliverables


  • Filter: Fix an issue when selecting an existing filter
  • Remove link styling from some elements in layer manager, date picker
  • Fix sorting in digitize button when using a ISO3166 incompatible language code
  • Digi theme: Fix geometry coordinate fields with blank value after loading record
  • Dimension filter: Ensure compatible configuration for boolean columns (single select, true/false extent)