See release 3.39 for major release changes.


  • EverBridge SMS mass notification #5397

    New module for drawing polygon in map and sending an SMS to all residents in area. Requires subscription.


  • Excel export – Use the displayed column names as column headers instead of database column names in Excel export
  • Admin – category: Prevent creating category cycles

    Do not allow creating category hierarchies with cycles. Display an error in admin when a change in category would lead to a cycle.

    Cat A –> Cat B –> Cat A

  • Authentication: return session expiration time in authentication response
  • External WMS/WFS admin, queue map file write on update

    Removes the issue where a large amount of exported themes in external WMS/WFS would result in a timeout when writing file synchronously in the web request.

  • xWmsProxy.ashx: Make independent of Adaptive (for hosting on separate sub-domain)

    Requests to xWmsProxy.ashx can be routed via alternative domain by setting config wms_standard_proxy_url. This makes browser bucket the wms requests separate from other Adaptive requests.

    The alternative domain must be still be the Adaptive instance, and when slow tiled WMS services are routed through this proxy, it may exhaust the handlers in the application pool.

    This change allows hosting the xWmsProxy.ashx and associated binaries in a separate app and app pool to allow the alternative domain binding to be truly separate from Adaptive application (must be configured per instance).

  • Proxies: Enable client cache on video embed and rss proxies

    Sets cache-control headers to something meaningful for xRssKartverket.ashx and xVimeoEmbed.ashx proxies, preventing repetitive requests from clients.


  • Cmd: Prevent crash when calling run without args

    Show help when calling run without arguments

  • Zip: Use 64 bit support as necessary when zip file may be large

    By default, zip files cannot exceed 4 GB. Enabling 64 bit support as necessary increases this limit. Mostly relevant when exporting image/media files.

  • Dashboard: Do not run data view read check when data view and feature info are disabled
  • Admin: Limit metadata title input to 250 characters

    Limit the input to 250 characters due to restrictions in database data type

  • Digi theme – dictionary: fix issues when dictionaries are connected

    Reset child dictionary filter when parent is cleared
    Add support for more than two dictionaries in chain

  • Batch edit: Re-enable menu for no geom digi themes with batch edit enabled