New integration with Matrikkel API version 4

Article module extensions

  • Adds a setting for controlling the sort order of the articles, and a checkbox for controlling whether using the map bbox as a filter or not.
  • Implements a minimum zoom setting in administrator for controlling when the article module should be active.
  • Implements a boolean setting on the Article Module config that is used to disable clustering for themes and digithemes. When clustering is disabled, we use WMS instead.
  • Distance from center calculation has now been moved to server side
  • geom_wkt is not included in the response if clustering is enabled


  • Baat server token: cache token
  • Performance improvement: Make ST_Transform_Or_Null immutable
  • Print image: Add option to cache tiles


  • Dashboard: Change statistic label from “last 24h” to “today”
  • Admin: Prevent duplicate theme editors when editing from dashboard
  • Admin: Sort dictionaries by displayed value (symbol, theme, etc.)
  • Wfs sync: fix db post script function (SA)
  • Wfs sync: Automatically convert ST_CurvePolygon to Polygon
  • Wfs sync: Fix an error when importing datasets in EPSG 3575
  • Wfs sync: Do not overwrite path epsg on form open
  • Layer manager: Fix an issue where label button where not clickable
  • Print image: Fix image scale when WMTS basemap is used
  • External WMS/WFS: Skip QGIS themes, write errors to log
  • Dataview export: Fix error when exporting datasets with big integers
  • Batch edit: Fix project permission group editor behaviour
  • Batch edit: Fix editing multiselect_list