• Dashboard: More checks, more info
    • Add checks of dataview read for all Postgres/OGC themes and digi themes
    • Save responses for failures, if available
    • Split WMS theme checks based on proxy type, handle standard proxy correctly
    • Show response in client if available
    • Show failed URL in client when applicable for review


  • Dashboard email subscriptions
    Adds email subscriptions to dashboard. Allows administrators to manage which emails get weekly/daily/immediate reports for usage stats and content status checks.


  • Digi theme: Import with project write permission
    • Enable digi theme dataview import for users with project write permission
    • Add option to set constant data from adaptive
  • Shape upload – Drag and drop to upload shapefiles
    • Use drag and drop to add files
    • Support reading .prj file to get projection
  • Dataview: show schema shortcut for themes
    Add option to show a theme record in dataview in the right side module, similar to what we already have for digi themes.


  • Add more labelling options for Mapserver themes
    Add options to set the following fields via admin:

    • Mindistance
    • Buffer
    • Priority
    • Wrap
    • Style (super admin)


  • Digi theme config for disable delete
    Added a new digi theme config for optionally not allowing any users (including administrators) to delete any record in a digi theme.
  • SessionFilter: Fix int[] nettype case
    Fixes int[] case for session filter.
  • GDAL: Log errors during init
    Logs init errors for easier debugging when GDAL init fails.
  • Fix BaseLayer fallback when user data layers are present
    User data layers has no theme_data and would cause a crash in this
    event handler.
  • ACOS: Change filename of the exported file
    Filenames with spaces caused an issue in Firefox when dowloading the file, where the file would be downloaded with an incorrect file name:
  • Export theme data as SQL (SA)
    Adds Export data as SQL option for themes, digi themes, theme dictionaries for SA. Useful for many things, including generating AutoSetup configs.
  • New data column config; custom_config
    Added support for a new data column config; custom_config. This is a json entry that will be merge with the standard column config. Useful where you want to modify any properties of the corresponding extjs component. For example if you want to make a combobox non-editable:
  • Abas municipality data
  • WFS sync legacy mode improvements
    Added a new mode that let the user add a GetFeature URL instead of letting GDAL guess the URL. This resolves issues with some weird WFS.
    Also added the tablename to the form as a read only field to allow an admin to more easily identify themes using this data.
  • Loading indicator: Language update (formatting)
  • WFS sync: after update script
    Added a super admin option to run a db script after import has finished successfully. Useful where you want to automatically transform or alter the data after import.
  • Add geom column to fylke view
    Geom column was missing from view av_data_static.n5000_fylker.
  • Optionally hide dimension item
    Added a option to hide a dimension from client.
  • Swagger: Group endpoints via version feature
  • Change <a> default style
    • Remove darken(..) for $linkTextColor because it was hard to differentiate between <a> and regular text
    • Merge <a> and a3-link styling
  • Admin: Improve performance when filtering users by role
    Changes ReadUserWithRoles performance when filtering by role. Reduces the db execution time by ~80-90%. Patch applied to friluftsforvaltning.avinet.no which makes role filtering possible on 51k users (timed out previously).
  • Admin: Fix missing admin roles, group roles by type
    • Fixes missing admin roles when user has a group role and user_single_project_group_role config is true.
    • When system has more than 20 roles, move roles into sub menus by role type
      This only affects user panel, not other admin panels.
  • Media: Fix cache-control and let admin update public state
    • Fixes Update ignoring certain fields (especially config for setting public from admin) for digi theme media even when user is administrator
    • Overwrites already set max-age 0 on response cache on Download method to 30 days, set to publicly cacheable when media is public
  • QGIS: Add SID to getmap request
  • My position: enable high accuracy
  • DigiTheme ACL: Improve performance for large datasets, move utils to separate schema
  • WMS GetFeatureInfo: Increase max features from 10 to 50
    FEATURE_COUNT is a url parameter for external wms feature info requests. Increased the value from 10 to 50.
  • QGis theme: enable zoom to extent
    Enable zoom to extent for qgis themes
  • Turn on thematic maps without hiding my data-layers
    We are now able to display thematic maps without turning off the my-data layers.
  • WFS sync: automatically convert curve to line
    Adaptive search does not support surface and curve geometries. Converting to line fixes this.
  • Move WFS sync out of slow queue
    Some other tasks in the slow queue (like dashboard) can take a long time to finish, causing WFS sync to take equally long time. Fixed this by moving WFS sync to its own queue.
  • Legend: Force white background


  • Digi theme: fix an issue where, in edge cases, the value of a field would be wiped on save
    Fixes an issue where a newly entered value would be discarded if the field where a child of a fieldset that depended on a value of a different field.
  • Email variant: Catch exception when using webservice utils outside of webservices
    GetEmailTemplate in WebServices utils was sometimes used outside of a WebService context, meaning no HttpContext was available. Default to no variant when this is the case.
  • Dimension: Fixes an issue with range
    Fixes an issue where the filter sent to dataview would be wrong where the dimension extent is defined as a range and the user select a single value
  • Dimension module: filter on single value in range
    Prevent [<int_value>/NaN] when filtering on single value in layer dimension module
  • Projection: Fix ED 50 format names
  • Admin: Fixes error when triggering GetCapabilities on WMS layers
  • OSM: Override urls in OpenLayers to use HTTPS
  • Share by url: hide thematic map button if no thematic maps is present
  • Fix a issue when saving a digi theme with one or more media columns
    Fixes an issue that caused an exception when saving a digi theme with one or more media columns, using a third party client that was configured to not send all the columns with the request.