• GeoIntegrasjon: New custom function “visgeometri”
  • Digi theme: Show parent name in parent column (foreign_key) in data view, use query title in more natural places
  • Profile: Change logo to AV symbol in admin, name to Asplan Viak
  • Development: Added developer instance notification option
  • Authentication API: Authenticate with scope / required module
  • Features API: Add _editable property and fix _acl on patch
  • Admin: Make uuid column copyable
  • Admin: Make default page size 50 rows
  • Adaptive Hub: Report stats on indexer type, version, modules used, theme types used


  • Digi theme media: Prevent crash if more than one media without mime is present
  • Digi theme: Fixes bugs with ACL editors
  • Admin: Fix digi theme preview
  • Admin: Preserve custom_ms_data when saving Digi Themes
  • Admin: Fix theme name mapping in indexer tab
  • Admin: Fix save of shape themes, delete of map files on theme delete (impersonation)
  • Features API: Prevent guest user from getting access to authenticated restricted themes
  • Features API: Fix response for Guest private permission in Create (POST)
  • Dataview API: Return actual reason on read failures
  • Theme API: Do not spam log with ThreadAbortExceptions
  • CSW auto update: Aggregate errors per sync (avoid log flooding)