3.42 brings support for two new major modules, Adaptive Survey and Adaptive Map builder. These are additional subscriptions that can be purchased at an introductory offer for our current Adaptive 3 customers for a limited period. Contact your support contact for details.

Adaptive Survey

Adaptive Survey allows users with designated permissions to create survey or data collection schemas for public facing use. Most data types supported in digi theme are supported in Adaptive Survey, with the additions of a few new variants and types of collection inputs, like rating.

The collected data can be fully viewed in Adaptive Survey, with charts and table view, and downloaded to XLSX or CSV.

Adaptive Survey currently only supports collection of data without login (the data itself can be private), but will be developed further with new functionality going forward.

Adaptive Survey

Please contact support@avinet.no if you are interested in this module.

Map builder

Adaptive Map Builder allows users with designated permissions to create simple published maps suitable for non-GIS users. The published maps can contain base maps and themes from Adaptive, Open Street Map, WMS, WMTS and includes a new catalog search.

The public facing maps are fully responsive and better suited for mobile use than Adaptive 3 client.

Adaptive Map Builder currently only supports presenting data available to the public (i.e. requires no login), but more functionality will be added in future development.

Adaptive Map Builder

Please contact support@avinet.no if you are interested in this module.

Digi theme: Add option to render fields inline

Added support for rendering multiple fields in a digi theme schema on the same line. Added support for labelling the inline group. This functionality is only available through customization and cannot be enabled via administrator.


  • Share: Make it possible to share by url any data added through my data
  • Digi theme: Add support for form dependencies on role selector (ACL)


  • Features API: Handle media column uploads as data URLs
  • Features API: Clear cache on role assign, add HTML endpoints
  • Admin: Export a list of all themes to Excel
  • Dimension: Added more admin options for changing how the user interact with dimension
    • Added override for removing the “set default” button.
    • Added override for setting a dimension required, meaning that the clear button next to the dropdown will be hidden. Setting a dimension required has little meaning without enforcing a dimension on startup, because of this, the option is super admin only.
    • Added logic for hiding the dimension filter symbol in layer manager if the layer only contains dimensions that are hidden, meaning dimensions that are controlled in the code rather than by the user.
  • Admin: Make WMS version selectable via combo box
  • Dictionaries – Add support for sort column
    • Added sort column dropdown in admin to support sorting dictionaries on other columns than value column.
  • Admin: Display contents of GUIs and categories with more than two levels


  • Theme: Force correct layer ms_type on default geom column
  • DataView: Fix GetHierarchy when dictionary values are used in query title
    • Fetches dictionary value when “column_name (value)” is part of query title fields.
  • Admin: Remove show hierarchy from theme dictionaries
  • Mapserver: Use me_header_maxsize config for MAPSIZE (allows bigger map tiles than 6000 pixels)
  • Admin: Fix context menu issue for not indexable theme panels
  • Timeslider: Do not convert selected time when using Date.now as max value
  • Collaboration: Fix multiple bugs involving interaction with layer manager
    • Fixes a bug where its not possible to set opacity for a image after refresh
    • Fixes a bug where data is not shown in layer manager on first load
    • Fixes a nullpoint exception after saving a map
    • In layer manager, always return to front page when a data in collaboration module is restore, to fix cases where a selected layer is no longer shown in the map
  • IE: Fix startup


  • Chore: Remove obsolete dependencies
  • Chore: Consolidate package versions
  • Chore: Replace deprecated and insecure Ionic.Zip with DotNetZip (same namespace/interface)
  • Chore: .NET framework 4.7.2, all dependencies in nuget, remove dead code