Updates in patch 3.43.8


  • XSS security fixes – Improvements implemented as a response to customer feedback on XXS-vulnerabilities in Adaptive:
    • XSS: Remove XSS from embedded map (Secured feature)
      • Consequence: should not be able to inject script in config object and from URL API
    • XSS: Replace HTML tags in shares (read/write) (Secured feature)
      • Consequence: Removes any tag-characters when reading already saved map shares and removes any tag-characters when saving new map shares
    • XSS: Remove send printout via email option (Removed feature)
      • Consequence: Removed feature that enabled users to send a printed map directly by email – This to avoid possible XSS-attacks and that sending email from whatever e-mail address through customers SMTP is not best practice.
    • XSS: Remove HTML from user data dataview (Secured feature)
      • Consequence: Vector data added by users in “My data” module is HTML encoded when displayed in dataview

Updates in patch 3.43.7

  • Property: Added zoom to specific festenr when searching
  • Property: Modified neighbour list to only pick properties adjacent to selected property, exclude “ikke tinglyste” persons
  • Predefined filter: Sort areas by name
  • Theme: Add hidden config option to export GeoJSON as geometry collection
  • Theme: Fix a bug when time dimension is used in combination with database filter
  • Digi theme: Fix geometry issues when copying a digi theme record. Add option to include or exclude geometries.
  • Digi theme: Fix issue when parent field (foreign key) is located in a separator group
  • Excel export: Remove row limit for excel exports (via features API only)

Updates in patch 3.43.6

Map builder/Survey

  • Analytics script added if enabled
  • Logo can be configured via logo (full url) and logo_width (pixels) in module config (mostly useful/required when using the adaptive3 theme)
  • Automatic installation now supports selecting update channels (string array in module config, defaults to “stable”)
  • Setup now checks installation every 10 minutes (upon use), this includes enabled setting, module configuration and downloading new client app versions

Analytics: Report thematic map activation event

Client integration now reports thematic map activations.

Analytics dashboard
  • Thematic map analytics
  • Show top 5 themes/content by default
  • Catch errors and display ad block warning if data load fails
  • Show info module names in tool/module analytics


  • Features API: Add support for xlsx export

Updates in patch 3.43.5

UTM Coordinate Search

Go to coordinate from search field when pasting common UTM coordinate format strings (e.g. from Garmin devices). Supports UTM 31-35 in the northern hemisphere.

Preserve display projection between browser sessions

Store coordinate display projection and format in cookies to preserve the display projection selected by the user in the projection selection menu. This is preserved across GUIs.


Updates in patch 3.43.4

User management: Improvements to inactive user cleanup

Send an extra warning the day before delete.

Users that do not log in before deadline are now marked as not active and really deleted after the configured number of days.

Limit number of warning emails sent per day to 1000 (can be overridden via config)


  • Map Builder: Fix layers based on digi themes
  • Content Controller: Fix url for digi themes
  • Digi theme: Fix error when adding column for a digi theme with parent theme
  • GetHierarchy: Fix an error causing no hierarchy to show up
  • User data: Do not crash when shares/bookmarks do not contain user data

Updates in patch 3.43.3

  • Share/bookmarks: Fix shares/bookmarks without label layers
  • Mapserver: Trigger layer map file generation for all themes (required for use in Map Builder)

Updates in patch 3.43.2

  • Map: Fix layers stuck on zoom after changing basemap

Updates in patch 3.43.1

Analytics, custom events reporting and integrated dashboard

Report custom events for theme and tool usage to our integrated analytics solution, a GDPR friendly alternative to Google Analytics.

Custom analytics and visitor stats are available in admin.

This is a paid addition to Adaptive 3. Contact support for details.


  • Themes: Remove unnecessary token param for internal layers
  • Authentication: Add a table for tracking logins of users separate from sessions
  • Property: Added check for buildings by section and owner details for properties owned by legal entities


  • Legend: Fix updates on zoom/resize/etc.
  • Map info: Fix feature info for WMS returning HTML instead of GML

News in major release 3.43

User defined alternative styling of a theme

Added option for alternative styling with unique colors for themes.
User can switch between ordinary styling or unique colors in layer manager with this option enabled.


Add support for integrated analytics

Initial support for our integrated analytics reporting, a GDPR friendly Google Analytics alternative.

This is a paid addition to Adaptive 3. Contact support for details.

Adaptive Survey: Support administrative fields

Allow creation of fields in Adaptive Surveys that are not collected in the survey form. These can be edited in the results page, or in the Adaptive digi theme.

Adaptive Map Builder: Add any public theme/digi theme to maps

Previously selectable themes were restricted to themes published in a GUI. Now, any theme that has Guest access (is public) can be added to a map in Adaptive Map Builder.

  • My data: Change opacity of vector layers
  • Digi theme: Add support for multiple languages in data model


  • Dataview: Only trigger default active dataviews on layer visibility change
  • Share: Keep active labels when sharing map
  • Dashboard: Time distribute theme check tasks, reduce to two times a day
  • GeoIntegrasjon visgeometri: Add koordsys in addition to srid
  • Theme admin: Add menu item to permanently delete themes (bypass recycle bin)
  • Features API: Implement filter query param via OGC Features API CQL
  • Dataview: Theme config to hide dataview hierarchy
  • Dimension filter: Handle foreign key as integer field
  • Advanced filter: Handle foreign keys as integer field


  • Theme admin: Fix an issue updating themes without geometry
  • Digitize menu: Constrain height to viewport
  • OLMap: Only trigger layer visibility change event on actual change
  • Mapfile theme cache: make sure that table exits