Updates in patch 3.44.12


  • Fix wrong time of day for scheduled theme indexing

    Due to diff in UTC and local time

Updates in patch 3.44.11


  • Collaboration: fix issues creating a new project


  • Property: Increase timeout when getting buildings from matrikkel

    Needed to increase the default timeout when getting buildings from matrikkel

  • Wfs sync: Do not reindex not searchable themes

    Do not try to call search indexer on themes that has not been indexed

Updates in patch 3.44.10


  • Fix form field dependency for checkbox field(minor bugfix for advanced forms)


  • Fixes missing error msg and logic for GeoIntegrasjon-VisEiendom

Updates in patch 3.44.8 and 3.44.9


  • New admin areas(n5000 and abas) for 2024
    • New admin areas(n5000 and abas) for 2024
    • County:
    • Removed: 3
    • Added: 7
    • Total counties: 15 (old 11)
    • Municipalities:
    • Removed: 1
    • Added: 2
    • Changed komm(municipality number): 113 (due to county changes)

Updates in patch 3.44.7

Only minor changes affecting a few customers

Updates in patch 3.44.6


  • Added support for MatrikkelenhetTinglystEierforhold and some refactoring
  • External WFS add metadata: wfs_featureid
    • Added missing metadata field: wfs_featureid
    • Ref mapserver doc: gml_featureid
    • (Required for MapServer 4.10) Field to be used for the ID of the feature in the output GML. wfs_featureid or ows_featureid can be specified instead.
    • Need to refresh wfs mapfile on the instance to see changes.


  • Fixed: Sunrise/sunset by implementing new version of API
    • Updated sunrise API to version 3
  • Fix issue with dataview button render
    • Fixes issue where: After minimizing dataview, the buttons in dataview header did not display every menu/button

Updates in patch 3.44.5


  • Collaboration XSS fixes
    • Fixed some XXS-vulnerabilities found in collaboration module

Updates in patch 3.44.4


  • DigiTheme – Media upload is public checkbox
    • Added isPublic checkbox to media upload for digitheme. This to support publicly available attachments without adding guest access to a whole digitheme.
  • Property: More checks for end date for the different types of previous owners
    • When generating lists with owner information for a property we do not want to list previous owners of different kind.
    • Hides the previous owner if the “owner end”-date is set and older than today


  • Remove the need for mandatory header “gm_lang_code”
    • If gm_lang_code was not set the search engine failed with internal server error(could happen from custom clients)
    • After this change it will not fail and the gm_lang_code is not mandatory anymore


  • XSS security fixes – Improvements implemented as a response to customer feedback on XXS-vulnerabilities in Adaptive:
    • XSS: Remove XSS from embedded map (Secured feature)
      • Consequence: should not be able to inject script in config object and from URL API
    • XSS: Replace HTML tags in shares (read/write) (Secured feature)
      • Consequence: Removes any tag-characters when reading already saved map shares and removes any tag-characters when saving new map shares
    • XSS: Remove send printout via email option (Removed feature)
      • Consequence: Removed feature that enabled users to send a printed map directly by email – This to avoid possible XSS-attacks and that sending email from whatever e-mail address through customers SMTP is not best practice.
    • XSS: Remove HTML from user data dataview (Secured feature)
      • Consequence: Vector data added by users in “My data” module is HTML encoded when displayed in dataview
  • Fixes analytics module: list all themes/digithemes
    • Added endpoint that returns all themes and digithemes regardless of their roles and if the theme is in any GUI
    • Endpoint demands admin role and is intended used in Adaptive admin “Analytics” module
    • Changed Analytics react to fetch themes from new endpoint

Updates in patch 3.44.3


  • Make import to digitheme via dataview more robust
    • Added export layerCreationOption(-lco): “ENCODING=UTF-8” to force UTF8 output when exporting from dataview. This to force adding a .cpg file that coontains the encoding when exporting to shape.
    • Added import layerCreationOption(-lco): “PRECISION=NO” for the dataview import to be more tolerant when importing data with decimal fields
  • PDF export: Use same func for adding KeyValue
    • Improves the alignment for some value types
    • PDF with previous KeyValue print:
    • PDF with updated KeyValue print:
  • Fix for OR in filter
    • Users struggle to understand why expressions of the type OR cannot be entered. Corresponding solutions that are already used handle this. See below how Vegkart (Statens Vegvesen) handles this and now also Adaptive. I know this is handled when using the theme dictionary, but this becomes impossible with all the list values ​​found in a number of road object tables – Now when adding multiple values to a single field(list) each value is added with an OR operator between them.
  • Map: Reduce zoom animation duration to reduce jitter
    • Does not remove lag (ol2 is old), but reduces the duration of the lag and sometimes results in a somewhat smooth zoom experience.


  • Property – Fixed logical error when generating “forettninger” list from matrikkel
    • Changed logic for generating forretninger for a property. Old code did overwrite information for each forretning so that each had the same data.
    • Updated code will produce correct data like shown below
  • Fix axis order in search
    • Search is swapping x/y in GDAL 3.5 compared to GDAL 2.x – Ref: OSGeo/gdal#1546
    • This led to wrong placement for features in search index.
  • Ogr2x: Fix import projection params used in ogr2ogr
    • Fix error in import shp without prj to “My data”. Used to set s-srs and t-srs to input epsg(“My data” was missing prefix “EPSG:”) – Changed to always use “EPSG:”+SRID
    • Fix prj file in export to shape – when using definition and not “EPSG:xxxx” the prj file used “Unknown” as the name of the projection – As long as our internal projection definition is found in OsGeo lookup – we can use the identifier(“EPSG:xxxx”) since we have checked that the definition exists.
    • Also allowing to transform from/to EPSGs that is not defined in our internal projection definition
  • Dataview export: Fix an issue exporting data without acl column
    • When exporting from dataview the user/admin can decide what columns should be exportable. Fixed a bug where omitting the acl column from exportable columns would cause a crash.

Updates in patch 3.44.2


  • Search Indexer: Force use title and desc, and remove count of ommited themes
    • Earlier it used dublin core title and description if it was present. Changed to only use title and description from theme metadata(no translation is used in indexer)
    • Decrease count of returned themes when they are removed
  • ContentController: Add opacity to web service response
    • Added missing opacity in the content response class. Used in Map Builder.


  • Fix PDF export for private read/write
    • Fixes an issue with export to PDF for users with private read/write roles
  • Fix PDF export for theme (when GUI config “theme_to_pdf”)
    • PDF fails for themes(not digithemes) when a combination of criteria occur:
      • GUI config “theme_to_pdf” is set
      • Theme ID column is NOT “id”(ex gid)
      • Theme is tried exported from the GUI with config “theme_to_pdf” set

Updates in patch 3.44.1


Added optional “Add new” button to DT form

  • New digitheme config “show_add_new_btn” and checkbox in admin for this.
  • If checked, the DT form gets a new button that resets the form and let the user add a new feature.

Swapped elevation point service

  • Kartverkets service for height is deprecated and will be removed 1. mars 2023.
  • Old service was on https://wps.geonorge.no/skwms1/wps.elevation2 with identifier = “elevation”
  • New service is found here: ws.geonorge.no/hoydedata/v1
  • Also had to change where we fetch placename for underlaying tools since this is not a part of the new service.
  • Added more information on the elevation shown in adaptive so that users can see what is used as the source for the elevation displayed. Displays on hover on question mark:


  • User management: Fix email spam for auto cleanup
    • Avoid sending repeated emails to inactive users once a week
  • _Acl dropdown – sort alphabetically
    • Sort roles alphabetically in Client dropdown
  • Advanced filters: Added support for _acl column
    Skjermbilde 2023-02-10 192048
  • Wfs sync: Added an option to NOT remove url parameters
    • Useful for services that contain custom url parameters
  • Changed opacity for GeomPicker and select in map
  • Dictionaries – Add field validation
    • Dictionaries have had a problem with allowing users to store invalid values in database as long it has a value.
  • Property: only show kontaktinstans eier if datoTil is newer than today or not set
    • Property: When listing owners, the “kontaktinstans eier” should not be shown if datoTil is set and is older than today.
  • Added check for active user in LoginPhone
    • Checks for active user when logging in using phone number + verification code. Similar to the check we do in the regular authentication controller.
  • Admin: allow deleting themes with broken datamodel
    • Fix an issue where broken themes with missing layer and/or data_source definition could not be deleted from admin.
  • Use display proj in advanced draw and measure
  • Added NTM proj to admin(client) and SosiJs
  • Content WebApi: Fix min/max scale types on themes(map builder)
    • Fixes the theme content type for min and max scale to make it readable from db.
  • Enable edit metadata on digitheme media column
    • Fixes an error where metadata (author, comment) cannot be edited by others than admin.
  • Improvements on export column visibility
    • Add some help/info text in admin on which setting controls what, and accept that theme and digitheme has different setting for visibiltity of columns in PDF export
    • Hide “ExportWizard” from “Export to PDF” in form for themes as it only works for digitheme
  • Fix unable to delete theme if table has been deleted
    • Before: If a table has been wrongfully deleted, and you try to delete a corresponding theme, you will get an error and are not able to delete the theme.
  • Legend: Helptext, changed legend helptext
    • Changed wording in helptext
  • Help text for symbolization, logical expressions
    • Modified help text.


  • Filter – Fixes issue with boolean filters
    • Adds a missing parentheses around OR expression for boolean filters.
  • DataViewExport – Fixes export issue
    • Fixes issue with exporting themes and digithemes not containing _acl column. Issue introduced in 3.44
  • Multi dict – Fix validaton issue on edit
    • Fixes issue with validation failure on multiselect dictionaries on edit if column isn’t required.
  • Bookmarks – Fixes failed saving of bookmarks when advanced filters are applied on themes
    • Aims to fix issue with saving failure of bookmarks while advanced filters are applied on themes.
  • Indexer: Flatten geometries before adding to geometry collection
    • Fix issue with multi-geom digi themes with mix of 2d and 3d geometries.
  • Remove deleted media from PDF export
    • Remove soft-deleted media from PDF export (Media files was only disabled and pdf export did not filter out disabled media)
  • Admin dashboard: filter successfully synced themes
    • Fixes an issue where successfully synced wfs layers would still show up as an error in dashboard
  • Bool dim filter should not be required
    • Dimension filter with bool column defaulted to required field. This leads to strange behaviour.

News in major release 3.44

Simple statistics module

A sought-after function to be able to extract quick statistics on, for example, the number of occurrences of a property register divided by number or length. Selections made in maps or lists are used for calculation.

For use enable on digitheme in admin:


In dataview you find the function under select menu:



  • DigiTheme Import: Improve import to allow attributes with SQL keyword names
  • Theme: Disable data source type change when cloning
  • Weather: Stop using end of life API from yr for specific locations

    The yr.no API for forecast.xml/varsel.xml is decommissioned. Use the locationforecast API for all locations.

  • Property: Added report name to email subject when exporting properties

    When exporting properties to PDF user is asked for title. This title is added to email subject

  • Wfs sync: Verify data model before syncing scheduled tasks
    • Added a verification method that checks if the data model of newly synced items match previously synced items and abort if not
    • Fixed multiple issues with scheduler. Scheduled tasks are now handled internally instead of creating multiple Hangfire jobs
  • Upgrade GDAL libraries from 2.4.4 to 3.5.0 – Enables new datatypes in GML/WFS services (date and time fields)
  • Csw daily update: Re-index metadata and wipe client after a theme has been updated with fresh metadata from external CSW
  • DataView – Add value lookup for multi dict and _acl to dataview and export
    • Adds mapping of values for multiselect dictionaries in dataview
    • Adds _acl translation to dataview
    • Adds _acl translation to export
    • Adds translated values of dictionaries to export


  • Map info: fix missing dimension filter for non-indexed themes

    Fix a bug where dimension filter was missing when using map info on a theme that has not been indexed

  • Time slider: Fix issue using range for themes with min/max date

    Fixes an issue where selecting accumulated values for a whole year (2021-01/2021-12) did not work for themes where valid time was defined by two columns (min-date, max-date)

  • Time slider: Fix color of minimize button
  • Property: Fixed missing area for property advanced export

    When selecting advanced export of neighbour list, area of the properties was not included

  • DigiTheme: Fixes issue where media column image is shown in new records or switching between records in dataview
  • DigiTheme: Remove foreign_key columns and parent themes config when cloning
  • Fix issue where date values 1970-01-01 was shown as 1999-12-31