Category is a collection theme forming a composition, adapted to a specific use. Category are called thematic maps in Adaptive client and can be selected through thematic maps carousel.

The button Create/edit provides an opportunity to establish new categories and make changes to existing ones. The table lists all the categories established in Adaptive. One can make changes either by right-clicking on the appropriate category then choose chose surgery or using functions from the menu above the table.




Name Description
ID Unique ID to the category.
Name Name of the category.
Description A description of the category.
Active If the current category is active.
Role Determine which roles the category is available for. Standard roles are “guest” and “authenticated”.


New categories are made by pushing the  add-btn, that opens following window:

Name Description
Name The category / thematic map name. Name of several languages ​​specified using the dialog box for translation. New language is entered by clicking the button.
Description A description of the category / theme map. Are shown in the map client when the user presses the “i” button in the map client. The description in multiple languages ​​specified using dialog box for translation. New language is entered by clicking the button.
Add/Remove (Thumbnail) Allows you to add one image (.jpg, .png) used in Category / thematic map select in the map solution. The pictures should not be large. Ca 150×150 pixels.

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