Data to be searched in Adaptive must be indexed, this is done by clicking on the button marked in red in the image below.

Screenshots below shows the status of indexing.


Name Description
ID Unique ID of the item.
Type Type dataset.
Details Name of the dataset
Queued time set in indexings queue
Last update Time for last indexert.
Status Displays the status of the last indexing
Trace Displays an icon when something has gone wrong, click on this to see details.
Entries Number of objects indexert.
Progress Shows progress on indexing.
Schedule How often indexing is scheduled.

To index addresses click the index-addresses and place-name, and click on index-names. Is it desirable to re-index the one theme select the row and click re-index. To re-index all theme click on re-index-all. If you have made a scheduled index on one theme can be changed by clicking on edit-schedule, then the following window will appear:


Here you can choose how often you want the theme to be indexed. To delete a scheduled index click the delete-index.

Note! To index the “Themes” and “Digi Themes”, read more in the respective chapters.

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