The above example shows window to establish background map (base theme) in a GUI. The window shows two panels separated by a vertical splitter. Left panel contains a table with all basemaps available in Adaptive, while the right panel contains all the basic map that is enabled in the current GUI. The panel has the ability to search/filtering.

New base maps are added by drag-and-drop. Basemaps order in Adaptive is determined by the order in the right panel. Order changes by drag-and-drop. When the symbol appears it means that the background map can be dropped at designated place, while symbol means that the background map can NOT be created at the specified place.

To remove a base map from a GUI right mouse button click and choose “remove”. This does not delete the base map, but removes it only from the GUI a. Alternatively checkboxes “Active” is used. It will deactivate current base map of GUI.

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