Base Themes


Button “Base Themes” provide the opportunity to look at the background map that is established in the solution as well as create new ones.


Name Description
ID ID Unique ID to the background map.
Name Name of the base map
Description A description of the base map
Active If the base map is currently active
Role Limits what roles the background map is visible for. Standard are general roles “guest” and “authenticated”.

New basemaps restored by pressing the button add-btn,which opens the following window:


Name Description
Name Name of basemap. Name on several languages are ​​specified using the dialog box for translation. New language is entered by clicking the button.
Description A description of the relevant base map. New language is entered by clicking the button.
Layer type What type of service. Current options are:

  • WMS (inkl. WMS-C)
  • WMTS
  • XYZ
  • Google
  • OSM
URL Service address.

Note that if the service is delivered on multiple domains / subdomains, these can be entered and separated by “|” (see example in the figure above). This provides improved performance relative to the display of background maps.

Buffer Specifies the number of tiles that are retrieved from the source, this is tiles that will be outside the map that is displayed but that it is ready/fully loaded if the user eg pan.
Attribution Text that will display over the map, for example, copyright text with links to source.
Ratio – map size to single tile size Specifies one ratios relate to the size of the map image to be retrieved vs size of the map you see in the map client.
Single tile Determines whether theme will load as small pictures or one large. Normally recommended that this is not checked for a faster loading of maps and restrict data traffic.
Layers Name of the layer from the service.
Version Version of current service.
Image format Format of the photos to be retrieved from the service.
Print URL Address to WMS service. This is used for printing, for example cacheservices.
Fallback URL Address to a service that will act as a backup, for example if current service is not working.
Fallback theme Option to “Fallback URL”, select one of the existing base maps in Adaptive
Number of zoom levels This inherited from GUI if it has no value here. Specifies the number of zoom level current base map should have.
Max resolution This inherited from GUI if it has no value here. Sets max resolution it should be able to zoom to.
Max extent This inherited from GUI if it has no value here. The maximum extent / extent appropriate background map provides data on.
Add/Remove Thumbnail Allows you to upload one image. This is used as icon in background map selector.

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