Configuration of Embedded maps

As an administrator you can choose which base map that will be accessible to users with and without rights. One can choose which coordinate system solution to use and whether to use BAAT or not. Note that these settings are generic and that any changes will apply to all embedded maps created after the settings are changed!


Name Description
embedded_basemap_guest List of base map that is available to users with special rights
embedded_basemap_admin List of background maps are available for administrators and users with rights
embedded_cfg Coordinate system used in the solution. Standard is UTM33.
embedded_basemap_usebaat Shall base maps be created by administrators and users with rights use BAAT? Standard threaten.

Embedded maps use Leaflet as map engine, see for more information. Any limitations on the leaflet will determine which background map and theme supported. Coordinate in use must be supported by proj4leaflet.

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