Create file theme (raster)

If you have a raster with associated definitions you can download this here. The server will then access the uploaded files directly. Theme based on rasterization search.

Select the button “Upload” and then navigate to respectively raster and world files.


Select the raster-data you want to upload in the window above.

Name Description
Uri Unique name/id on rasterfile. Uploaded data are automatically given a unique name / id.
Spatial data type This describes the type of data. This is populated automatically
EPSG This describes the coordinate system on the selected data set.
Data extent This describes extravasation/extent of the selected data set. This is populated automatically.
Min Scale If one want a scaled theme, set the minimum scale map must have for it to be visible.
Max Scale If one want a scaled theme, set the maximum scale map may have for it to be visible.

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