This lists all properties / fields dataset has. This is only applicable to vector data. Here it may, for each property selected for this to appear in the table view of contemporary issues in map client, and formatting of this.


Name Description
Type Type property / field.
Name Name of the property / field. This is the column titles in the table view. If one will enter one “alias” instead of column title you can double-click here to change the name.
DB column name Name of the property / field. The original column name from the data source.
Visible Indicates whether the property is set to be visible in the table and popup window.

Example 1:

The example shows how the “Name” and “Value” can be used.


Name Description
Name Allows you to determine the property name when it appears in the table and in the popup.
Value format Specifies how the property value to be displayed. ## VALUE ## represents the value itself. If one for example want to add a designator will the column stand “## VALUE” “km.” One can also here input HTML tags, for example, to build a link. Double-click to change.
Decimal digits Only applies to columns of type decimal/double. See example 3
Dataview visibility Sets the property to be visible in the table. Also controls, together with Feature Info visibility of the column to be exported in the “Download module”. For a column not be exported in the “Download module” must both DataView visibility and Feature Info visibility be set to “Hidden”
Feature info visibility Sets the property to be visible popup. Also controls whether the column should be visible in any external WMS and WFS services.

Here “Name” is used to set the column titles that are more understandable. The original name is retained in the “DB column name”.

The “Value” has a put option to specify a text for the actual value of the data set. The value from the data set represented by “## VALUE ##”, then an optional text (km and m2 in this example).

This will give the following presentation in map client:


 Example 2:

One can use the “Value” to create links from the table view.

It will depend on the data set if this will be appropriate. Two examples of the use can be

  1. One has a property that contains hyperlinks, for example to a caresheet about the object
  2. One has a property which together with a fixed / constant URL may cause a caresheet (shown in the screen below)


Result in Administrator, highlighted in red above.

Edit mode “Value”. Note that enabled mode for HTML editing, highlighted in red above.

The result in map client:

 Example 3:

When column is of type decimal or double you are able to set how many decimals that should be present:

Please note that when you have made changes to the “Value format”, it is no longer considered as a decimal/double value and the decimal digits settings will not be used.

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