Describes the topic you have posted. Some of the fields displayed directly in Adaptive and is therefore mandatory.



Name Description
Name Name Required if the topic should indexeres, be searchable.

Name of the theme. This is the name that will appear to the end user.


Names can be specified in multiple languages. This is done by pressing the button. This adds a new entry in the table of translations. Here you select the language and to specify the names of relevant languages.

Would you remove a translation simply press the button

Description Required if the topic should indexeres, be searchable.

One explanation for the theme. This will appear to the end user of this decide to view metadata on current topics.


One window to specify the formatting of the text will be presented to the user (see figure below this table). This is reached by double clicking in the field “Description” in the language.


This can be entered in multiple languages, this is done using the same method as for “Name”

Dublin Core metadata
Dekning Dublin Core metadata (coverage). Data sets  expansion.
Opphavsmann Dublin Core metadata (createor). Who made the data set
Dato Dublin Core metadata (date). Date for the dataset, last update
Tittel * Dublin Core metadata (source). A title/name for the data set. This is also used as the “title” in GetCapabilites if current topics are selected to be published as WMS / WFS. If the field does not have value  “name” is used at the top of the form “title” in GetCapabilities.
Beskrivelse * Dublin Core metadata (description). Describing text.This is also used as “Abstract” in GetCapabilites if current topics are selected to be published as WMS / WFS.
Format Dublin Core metadata (format). The dataset  format.
Identifikator Dublin Core metadata (identifier).

Unambiguous reference to the dataset. Popular automatically.

Språk Dublin Core metadata (language). Language of the data set
Utgiver Dublin Core metadata (publisher).Who published the data set
Relasjon Dublin Core metadata (relation). Any related data / resources.
Opphavsrett Dublin Core metadata (rights). Rights in relation to the use of the data set.
Kilde Dublin Core metadata (source). If this is one derived dataset, what is it derived from.
Type Pr. Today required on the topic should indexeres, be searchable. Any text can be used.

Dublin Core metadata (type). Type format.


Under shows example how to formate description

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