WMS/WFS server


Button “Wms / Wfs” allows you to specify the topic to be exposed as WMS / WFS and WMS establish groups.

The common theme and digitization theme can be exposed as WMS / WFS.

Which element one wishes to work towards is determined by pull-down menu “Select item type” (see screenshot below).

The example below shows window to select the topics that should be exposed as WMS / WFS and WMS establish groups.

The window shows two panels separated by a vertical splitter. Left panel contains a table with all of the topics that are available in Adaptive, while the right panel contains topics that are already exposed as WMS / WFS. The panel has the ability to search / filtering.

New theme is added by drag-and-drop. The order on the right side determines the order in Get Capabilites. Order changes by means. drag-and-drop. When the icon markert-radit means the subject can be dropped at designated place, while symbol not-markert-radmeans that theme should NOT be created at the specified place.

To remove one theme from being exposed as WMS / WFS can right-click in the right pane and select “remove”. This does not delete the theme but make sure it is not exposed as WMS / WFS. Alternatively checkbox “Active” is used, for example, if only want to disable it for a period.

New WMS groups established by using the button “Add WMS group.” This can be sorted by help of drag / drop method.

Name Description
ID Unique ID to the topic.
Name Topic name.
Description A description of the theme.
Active Relevant theme is active.
Role Displays the roles relevant topics is a member. Note that when exposures WMS / WFS so the theme will be available for everyone!

Address to WMS tjenesten


Address to WFS tjenesten

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