“Dataviews” opens the possibility to view, edit, delete, and create new dataviews.



Name Description
Name Name of dataview
Description A description of dataview
Active Determines if dataview is active or not

To add a new data view click add-btn. This will open a dialog box with several fields to fill, as shown below:


Name Description Editable
Name Name of the dataview, will be displayed in Adaptive Yes
Description Description of dataview Yes
Dataset Select to which dataset you want to connect the dataview No
Add second dataset Check the box if you want to add an additional dataset  No
Datakilde 2 If you have opted for two datasets, select the second dataset here No
Pivot Enable/ disable pivot table Yes


Name Description Editable
Selection criteria geography and vairables Select geographic and variables condition Yes
Year from Year from Yes
Year to Year to Yes
To latest year Check if data from latest year should be included  Yes
Year list Number of years, if/when specific years are selected No
Selection criteria quartales Select desired quarter Yes
Selection criteria months Select desired months Yes

The picture below will appear only if “Pivot” is enabled:


Name Description Editable
Row definition Select desired rows and columns by double-clicking the desired row/column. Choose the order by highlighting a row and pressing the arrows marked in red Yes
Rows or columns Choose whether you want extra rows or columns Yes
Add row/column Select a function that you want to add to the row or column Yes
Row/column title Title of new row/column  Yes
Row/column definition Type a definition for the row/column  No
Include row/column in chart Enabled when all fields for a new row or column is filled. Gives the possibility to choose whether to include this row / column into the charts  Yes

Picture below are only displayed if “Pivot” is not selected:

Name Description Editable
Row definition Select columns to include Yes


Name Description Editable
Organisering Select organizing charts Yes
Adaptive theme Check if you want to show as a theme in Adaptive Yes
Geometry type Define if the geometry should be point or polygon Yes
A3 symbol Define symbol type Yes
A3 symbol color Define symbol color  Yes
A3 outline color Define a color for outlines  Yes
A3 symbol size Define a symbol size  Yes
A3 outline size Define a width for outlines  Yes
A3 opacity Define a degree of transparency where 100 is non-transparent  Yes
Data column for A3 class Select a column for the theme  Yes
A3 class data-intervals Define data intervals, if desired  Yes
Diagramtype Select a type of chart from the list  Yes
Diagramtittel Enter a title for the chart  Yes
Charts from rows/columns Choose whether charts should be created from rows or columns  Yes
Exclude values at position (see preview) Enter values to be excluded, if ​​desired  Yes
Series in chart Select the series to be included in the charts  Yes
Intervals Selected intervals for choropleth maps and Adaptive themes (read description in separate window)  Yes
Color palette Select a color palette from the list  Yes


Name Description Editable
Number of decimals Define a number of decimals for desired accuracy Yes
Rounding numbers Select whether rounding off should take effect, and – if so – to which value Yes

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