The button “Users” lets you view, edit, delete and create new users in Adaptive.


Name Description
ID Unique ID of the current user.
Name Name of the user.
Email User email address. This is also your username.
Active If the current user is activated.
Last logged in Date / time that user was last online.
Roles Displays the roles that user is a member.

New users can be added by clicking “Add”. Required fields are marked in red if missing data. New users will receive passwords pr. email.

Pr. Default the user will not get any roles. This must be set afterwards.


Mobile phone

Name Description Changeable
Email User email address. This is also your username Yes
First name First name Yes
Surname Surename Yes
Pass valid days How many days the password is valid Yes
Pass valid unti Expiration day for a given password Yes
Pass last change Date the password was last changed NO
Company Company Yes
Street Street address Yes
Post code Post code Yes
Post code area Post code area Yes
City City Yes
Country Country Yes
Landline Landline nr Yes
Mobile Mobile no. Yes

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