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Opprett og tilpass GUI


Knappen create/edit lar deg opprette et nytt GUI eller gjøre endringer på eksisterende. Tabellen viser alle GUI som er opprettet via Adaptive Administrator. Endringer kan gjøres via høyreklikk på ønsket GUI og deretter velge relevante handlinger, eller ved å bruke funksjoner fra menyen over tabellen.


Navn Beskrivelse
Name Et beskrivende navn for det gjeldende GUI. Benyttes kun i Adaptive Administrator.
Friendly name GUI-ets navn. Benyttes som del av URL (se eksempel nedenfor). Har visse begrensninger med tanke på hvilke tegn som kan benyttes.
Standard GUI Dersom en URL lastes uten et spesifikt navngitt GUI vises et standard GUI / design. Gjelder klienten/ selve kartløsningen.
Active Viser om det aktuelle GUI er aktivt. GUI kan deaktiveres av en bruker med administratorrettigheter.
Roles Spesifiserer hvilke roller som har tilgang til GUI-et. For eksempel, dersom GUI-et ikke har tilgang for rollen «Guest» vil besøkende møtes av et innloggingsvindu før de får tilgang til selve kartløsningen.
gui4 Knapp som åpner det gjeldende GUI

Eksempel på URL uten spesifisert GUI: http://demo.avinet.no
Eksempel på URL med spesifisert GUI: http://demo.avinet.no/norway

Et nytt GUI kan opprettes ved å klikke på knappen «Add», som åpner denne dialogboksen:


Name Description
Name Name of GUI. Names are given in different languages by using the dialog box for translation. New languages are added by clicking the button.
Friendly name A descriptive name for the current GUI. Used in Adaptive Administrator.
Page URL The Internet address of the GUI.
Description A description of the current GUI. New languages are added by clicking the button.
Meta title Used as title in a hidden metadata tag when serving the GUI, also used by Facebook and other social media as the title when sharing from Adaptive. Search engines like Google may use this when prioritizing search results.
It is recommended to write this in the primary language of the site.
Meta description Used as content in a hidden metadata tag when serving the GUI, also used by Facebook and other Social Networks as description when sharing from Adaptive. Search engines like Google may use this when prioritizing search results.
It is recommended to write this in the primary language of the site.
Select active thematic map Ability to select a thematic map to be active by default.
GUI skin A skin is the design of the Adaptive map client; colors, fonts and icons. Adaptive comes with a default skin, but we also offer a branding service where our designers create a dedicated skin matching the design of your organization.
Standard GUI Standard GUI is what appears if an url without a specifically named GUI is given. Applies to the main client.
Tool panel width Determines the width of the tool/module panel in the map client. Specified in number of pixels.
Tool panel startup state Determines whether the tool panel is hidden or expanded by default when the site loads.

Map settings

Name Description
Bruk BAAT tilgangskontroll «Use BAAT authentication»: Relevant GUI will use BAAT authentication, for instance in order to use BAAT protected background maps.
Bruk Google maps «Use Google maps»: Deprecated, this choice will be removed in later versions.
Map projection Which coordinate system the current GUI will use to display maps and map layers.
Display projection Which coordinate system the current GUI will use for the mouse and click in map.
Search zoom level Map scale for when a user select a search result or zoom to a record from dataview. Map scale is defined by zoom levels where 1 is the smallest scale. Available number of levels depend on your basemap.
This setting applies to point datasets only. For lines and polygons the extent will be used.
Zoom levels* The number of zoom levels for the map.
Max resolution* Sets a maximum zoom resolution.
Max extent* Sets maximum extent; max width of the zoom area.
Inital extent* Sets a starting map extent, for example one which displays the whole of Norway, or a specific county.

The four settings marked asterisk (*) applies to the basemaps in the application. The idea is that this simplifies the setup of applications where several background maps share the same settings (typically The Norwegian Mapping Authority’s cached solutions). Where these are set in both the GUI and background map, the latter will be applied. For instance, an application may have 18 default zoom levels (through the GUI), but for a background map which does’nt support multiple levels it can then be adjusted to 16.

Welcome popup

Name Description
Popup Shows a popup on startup with a given message. The popup will be displayed once for each unique user. Every change of the popup text will trigger a new popup for all users.
Popup width Width of the popup window.
Always show Ability to set the popup window to open when a user refreshes the page.


Name Description
Placement Above form, below form.
Login text Text displayed on login page.


Name Description
Registration text Text displayed on registration page.
Mobile phone number Choose between: Hidden, Optional, Required.
Company Choose between: Hidden, Optional, Required, Group role combo.
Held position Choose between: Hidden, Optional, Required.
Additional information Choose between: Hidden, Optional, Required.

Print area

Name Description
Name A descriptive name. Will appear in a dropdown in the Share/print-module.
Center point A point, formatted as a WKT, which will be the center of the print area. Example syntax: POINT(6714910 -1162).
Epsg The Epsg of the center point.
Scale The scale of the print area.


Name Description
Put active layers on a separate tab Lets users control visible layers seperatly from Layer Manager PRO.
Remove category checkbox Disallows end user to activate/deactivate all themes within a category, by removing category checkboxes in Layer Manager PRO.
Disable zoom to position Removes button which lets the user zoom to the last known position.
Disable Nautical measurements Removes nautical measurements from draw and measure tools.
Sort legend by categories Displays category name and sort themes by categories.
Disable zoom to last known extent Zooms to initial extent each time the user reloads the application.
Remove feature info PDF export button Removes button that enables PDF export from feature info result.
Disable digitize button Removes digitize button from GUI.
Height search units Optionally, specify units for map info height search.
Print logo config Override default global config print_logo. Example syntax:
{src: «resx/printerCfg/graphics/avinet.png», width: 110, height: 22}

Alternatively, create a new GUI by copying an existing one. In addition to language, this feature will also copy all elements associated with the current GUI, including background maps, modules, themes and digitization theme.

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