Info modules

Info modules

Info modules are used to create a page with custom content in the right frame of adaptive. The page is created in the administrator, while the content is edited by one or more users with rights.


As an administrator, there are basically three important settings one must put, hhvs. language header in the module (where it says “Information” in the above screenshot), and language button (text and tool tip). In addition, one must set permissions.


Rights works the same way as for digitizing theme, for each role one set it must define whether users associated with what role should have access or editing options (read/write). Note that “Standard and Admin read / write” here means the same.

Drag and drop the info page of all GUI where one wants to see this.




2 thoughts on “Info modules”

  1. Hei! Er det mulig å bestemme at en info modul (eller andre modul) åpnes som default når du åpne GUIen? Vi har info vi vil at alle ser før de velger modul. Eller må det gjøres gjennom popup?

    1. Hei! For å sette en modul åpen som default må “Tool panel startup state” på GUIet settes til expanded. Modulen øverst i GUI’et vil vises ved oppstart

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