Modules in Adaptive 3 builds up on relevant GUI with functionality. There will be varying which modules are available, for example, some modules may be subject/customer specific and will only be available for certain customers.


Here you select which modules that are available in the current GUI. The functionality to add new and remove modules are similar to base maps.

Below is a list of information about the modules.

Name Description
Search Search on location name, street addresses and theme data
Mouse coords / scale Showing mouse arrow coordinates in selected coordinate system and the scale display. Provides the ability to adjust the scale.
Authentication Provides the option to login and choose a language.
Navigation buttons Provides four buttons, zoom inn/out, zoom full out and locating.
Layer manager Provides standard thematic map select.
Share Allows for printing, sharing maps on social media, link to map view and export to GeoJPG.
Data view Data view – Allows viewing of a themes properties in a table. Concurrently put the solution in selection mode. Selected objects can be exported. Applicable Shape and database-based theme.
Legend Provides legend on active theme.
Map info Provides, by click-to-map, property info on active theme and coordinates/elevation and the nearest place names for current coordinate.
Draw and measure Allows plotting point/line/polygon and measurement of length/area.
Draw and measure – advanced Allows plotting point/line/polygon and measurement of length/area. Each can have a buffer meters from the marked line, point, or polygon. Here you can also adjust line thickness, choose color freely and symbol type.
User data Allows the user to add WMS based theme and pretend the KML and GPX.
Attribution Showing referral/copyright text for active background map. Appears in the lower right corner.
Layer Manager PRO Advanced theme choice. Allows to turn the theme across thematic maps/categories.
User Workspaces Allows you to save the current map section.
URL API Allows you to manipulate maps using one set URL parameters. Relevant parameters can be combined. examples:

ID (integer) on the background map to be activated. Ignored if it does not exist.

ID (integer) on thematic maps/category to be activated. Ignored if it does not exist.

Comma separated list of topic (IDs) to be activated. Ignored if they do not exist. The themes are activated only if they exist in thematic maps/category (cat parameter).

Comma-separated list of digithemes (IDs) to be activeted. Ignored if they are not found. The themes are enabled only if they exist in theme card/category (cat parameter).

Comma separated list of subcategories (IDs) is to be activated. Ignored if they do not exist. Subcategory activated only if they exist in thematic maps/category (cat parameter).

Zoom to extent/box/corner coordinates. Syntax: left, down, right, top, EPSG

Zoom to Point. Syntax: Point coordinate, EPSG, zoom level (not scale but values ​​from eg 1 to 16 depending on the limitation put on GUI), text displayed in pop

Map info tool – Weather forecast Weather forecast – Allows to display weather from by click in map.
Map info tool – Sunrise/sunset times Sunrise/sunset times – Allows display times for sunset/rise by click in map.
Map info tool – Lovdata lookup Allows to display Lovdata regulations relevant area by click the map.
WMS time slider
Map info tool – Marinogram Allows to display Marinogram from by click in map.
Refresh data Opens the possibility to update one theme or table by clicking a refresh button.
Map info tool – Elevation profile Allows to extract elevation profile for a selected stretch of map.
Digi theme meda tool Provides ability to upload and view media files in digital theme.
Map info tool – Census Allows to extract census information from clicked position in the map.
Report module Allows you to generate a report in PDF format based on the drawn areas and selected thematic data.
Matrikkel Provides search gnr/bnr and other matric functionality
Matrikkel Provides search on owner and other matric functionaltiy
Matrikkel Provides search on unique building numbers and other matrikkelfunksjonalitet.
Forum Allows to create, modify and moderate the discussions.
Directions – Norway Allows to calculate and plan journeys by click to select location or search for a given position. Shows routes and alternate routes in maps and prints out driving directions. In addition, you get marked tolls, ferries, rest areas and traffic information of the map. Also contains a link to the timetable for any ferries on the route.
Google Analytics Logging page views and background maps, themes and modules in use. See separate chapter.
School Transport Allows you to calculate the route to school from a given address to a selected school.
Statistical client Allows for viewing of statistical data in the map.
ToolPageModule Tools Module. Editable if the user have the necessary rights.