Embedded maps

Embedded maps


The Button “Embedded maps” allows you to view and delete the embedded maps created in the solution.

Embedded maps are miniature maps for use on their own websites and blogs, as users themselves have created via the “Share” module.

As a guest or user with special rights one can by default create a miniature map with two types of background maps; respectively. standard and grayscale. These background maps using the open services at the Kartverket.

As an administrator or privileged user you can create a miniature map that uses two types of background maps; respectively. Standard, grayscale and Norway in pictures. By default, background maps created by such users use BAAT.

All WMS which is activated when the user creates an embedded maps will be included, even those who are defined through ‘own data. ” All activated drawn objects and associated text comes with.

Coordinate used in the solution is WGS84 UTM Zone 33. All background map and WMS added to an embedded map must support this coordinate system. Standard coordinate system can be changed (see “Configuration of embedded maps”).

Have an administrator access can also create special embedded maps with custom coordinate system, ​​background maps, WMS and vector data. Contact support@avinet.no for more information.