Create file theme (shape)

Wikis > Adaptive 3 - User Manual > Map elements > Themes > Add theme > Create file theme (shape)

Theme based on shape involves uploading shapefiles to the server and allow this access files directly.

Select the button “Upload” and then navigate to respectively * .shp, * .shx and * .dbf files.


Select the shapefile you want to upload in the window above.


Name Description
Uri Unique name/id of the shapefile. Uploaded data are automatically given a unique name/id.
Spatial data type This describes the geometry type of selected data. This is populated automatically. Where this is not possible, you must enter a valid value. Valid values:

  • point
  • line
  • polygon
EPSG This describes the coordinate-system on the selected data set.
Data encoding Here you select the character set used for the file.
Data extent This describes extravasation/extent of selected data sets. This is poplated automatically.
Min Scale If one want a scaled theme, set the minimum scale map must have for it to be
Max Scale If one want a scaled theme, set the maximum scale map may have for it to be visible.