Add Elements

Add Elements


The button “Add element” opens the possibility to edit the content of statistical categories. This means that you can add and remove Dataviews from the statistical categories mentioned under the section “Statistical Categories”. This will add the ability to turn off the display of this data in Adaptive. The picture below shows how the window you can make changes to appear:


Name Description
Name Name of the Dataview
Description Description of the Dataview
Active Displays whether the current data view is active.

To add one data view to a statistical category by sheet to select the desired category from the dropdown list marked with red. Once the correct category is selected, the data view you want to add to the table highlighted is in green. Then hold the left mouse button and drag it over to the right side shown in blue. When the element is in the correct position so that one can drop this symbol will appear markert-rad, if you are not in position to add the item this symbol will appearnot-markert-rad.