• Weather forecast: Update to use new API version
  • Property: Fix existing record check

    Fix an issue where properties containing multiple cadester number (komm/gnr/bnr) where only listed once in the dataview.
    Also fixed an issue where building highlights where not removed after toggling a property.

  • Property: Remove ‘Tidl. Ikke eierforh./kontaktinstanser’ from owners of properties
  • Property: Show both calculated and historic area for property
  • Property: Fix export error if zip code/place is missing for owner relation
  • Internal search: Zoom to default search zoom level when zooming to point features
  • Layer manager: Fix broken link to geonorge
  • Digi theme: Fixes setting geom from multipolygon dictionary in multipolygon digi theme
  • Disable change password for system user
  • Database: Fix connection life time setting causing rapid closing of pooled connections